Texas Tech University Academic Science Building ($10,322,553.00)

General Contractor: Western Builders of Amarillo, Inc.

Started: 6/2022

Projected Finish: 12/2023

Texas Tech University Maedgen Theatre ($1,645,112.00)

General Contractor: Lee Lewis Construction, Inc.

Started: 3/2021

Projected Finish: 12/2022

Texas Tech Rip Griffin Park Expansion & Reno ($1,531,925.00)

General Contractor: Parker Hutchens

Started: 12/2021

Projected Finish: 6/2023

UMC Women’s and Health ($16,116,895.00)

General Contractor: The Whiting-Turner/Lee Lewis Joint Venture

Started: 12/2021

Projected Finish: 10/2023

Texas Tech University USA Secondary Service Replacement ($447,147.00)

General Contractor: Henthorn Commercial Construction

Started: 1/2022

Projected Finish: 12/2022

UMC East Tower 4th Floor OR Suites ($392,230.00)

General Contractor: WR Construction

Started: 1/2021

Projected Finish: 12/2022